How To Be Romantic (Method 2)


1. Write “I love you” in unlikely places. Write “I love you” in the steam of the bathroom mirror after your loved one takes a shower. This will be a fun and fresh romantic surprise. You can also carve this into a tree trunk on your property, or into an old wooden table that you own. You can even tell the waiter to write “I love you” in chocolate on top of a dessert in a restaurant.[1]
  • Write “I love you” in the sand on a beach.


2. Make a mixed CD for your special someone. Fill it with songs that are meaningful to the relationship or that remind you of the other person. You can leave the CD in your partner’s car and wait for them to listen to it as a surprise. You can also put the CD in a card on a special occasion.
3Give your loved one a massage. If you know your partner had a long day at work, invite them over to you for a long, relaxing back or foot massage. You can even add some lotion or oils to make it extra romantic and sexy.
4. Make a photo album. It’s likely that most of your photos are online. Print out the special ones and make a small photo album for your loved one to give them a physical reminder about how much you mean to each other. You can even write funny captions for the photos in the album to make the gift more silly and meaningful
5. Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a random day. Who says you need to wait for a Hallmark holiday to tell your loved one how you feel? Pick a random night to celebrate Valentine’s Day — complete with a card, a nice dinner, and a long, loving night. This will be a very romantic move that will surprise and delight your partner.


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