Uche Jombo Reveals Sexual Assault Doing On In Nollywood With Claims That She Was Once A Victim Of Such.

Uche Jombo has spoken on s3xual ass@ult going on in Nollywood with claims that she was once a victim of such.

In an interview with HipTV, Uche Jombo revealed how she rehearsed seriously because a role she had prepared for was handed over to someone else simply because she declined to offer s3x just to secure the role.

“I’ve been in that kind of situation twice during my starting days,” she said. “I rehearsed for almost two weeks only to come next and find that someone else was reading my role because I declined the request to ‘see me’ (for s3x).

I wept seriously, I was hurt but four to five years later, I made it big.”

She went on to state that her integrity was what gave her the strength to carrying on in the industry instead of taking the shortcut.

“It is personal integrity. In my days, we move on when we’re denied opportunities for refusing to give in to s3xual demands.

Sometimes, it’s your individual strength, drive and process that matters. What takes some six months to accomplish might take others six years. Are you ready to wait for your time or you just want a shortcut that leads to no long-lasting opportunity? If you want the shortcut, chances are that there are people willing to give it.”


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